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July 19, 2016
| On 4 years ago

Aerostich Releases New Summer T-Shirts

Begin Press Release:


Introducing two brand new all-original, 100% cotton, summer T shirts.

The ‘Make Every Commute a Vacation’ style comes directly from the 1966 school of T art…with a story for today: Moto-commuting makes getting to work (and riding back home again) the best part of any work day. Because every ride really is a vacation. Enjoy every ride… M-XXL. Light Grey.

#2194 $20.00

The other new style is a Global Free Trade story, proudly made in the USA: Three Standard Mandarin characters ‘Ai Si Qi’ are a meaningful translation for…“Love and Think Riding” or “Happy Good Rider”. Or more simply, two-wheels-and-an-engine and wheeee! You may not speak or read Chinese (neither do we), but 1.3 billion people do, including a Chinese-based, American-made Aerostich R-3 suit wearer, who suggested this. 100% Cotton. M-XXL. Green.

#2193 $20.00


Most Aerostich t-shirt are limited editions only available for a limited time. All are 100% heavy-duty cotton and sized M-XXL. To browse the entire collection of original t-shirts, visit