Press Release from Twisted Throttle: The new AdMore Lighting Premium LED Light Bar with Smart Brake Technology alerts drivers that a motorcycle is decelerating before the rider even applies the brakes. Thanks to a sophisticated accelerometer sensor and a host of configurable options, this light bar is the most advanced motorcycle safety lighting product on the market.

The embedded accelerometer detects rapid deceleration, either from throttle release or downshifting, and automatically activates the brake light on the 8” light bar. Using the AdMore Configurator Software Suite and connecting to the onboard microUSB port, riders can change the sensitivity of the sensor, from low intensity (slower deceleration) to high intensity (rapid deceleration). A special “sport” setting accommodates aggressive riding, requiring hard deceleration to activate the brake light.

Like other AdMore light bar models, this new version incorporates high-quality Cree LEDs, with built-in running lights, progressive amber turn signals, and brake lights. A new center column of white LEDs flashes continuously while the brakes are applied, an effective technique for getting the attention of distracted drivers! In addition, a new integrated license plate light allows the light bar to be mounted above the license plate, even if it obstructs the bike’s original plate light. Using the same configuration software noted above, riders can modify or disable many of the light bar’s standard features, including the brake light brightness and modulation, the license plate light, and the white strobe lights.

The new Premium LED Light Bar works on all motorcycles and scooters and is compatible with the CanBUS electrical systems found on many late-model bikes. Available with either a smoke or clear lens, the light bar comes with a sturdy aluminum bracket that can be mounted below or above a license plate, or under a top rack. The kit includes premium wire tap connectors and all necessary hardware, and can be installed in roughly an hour with basic tools.

MSRP is $199.99. For more information or to purchase the Premium LED Light Bar, go to