Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America is proud to sponsor the historic Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride scheduled July 3-23. The AMA-sanctioned event marks the 100th anniversary of the heroic cross-country motorcycle trip made by Augusta and Adeline Van Buren in 1916 as they traveled from New York to San Francisco.

“We are very proud to welcome Avon Tyres as a sponsor,” said event organizer Alisa Clickenger. “The quality of Avon tires is exceptional, and the company’s commitment to the motorcycling community and support of female riders is outstanding.”

“As a brand that has been around for more than 100 years, we are proud to support this centennial event and women motorcyclists,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America. “Avon touring and cruiser tires are perfect for demanding long-distance journeys like this cross-country ride.”   

The Van Buren sisters set out in 1916 to prove that women could serve as riders in the U.S. Army, and took a pair of motorcycles on a courageous journey in service to our country. 

“The accomplishment of the Van Buren sisters was achieved during a time when few roads were paved, Victorian attitudes were strict, and women did not yet have the right to vote,” continued Clickenger. “This event will honor these courageous women and promote the growth and passion of today’s female motorcyclist community.”

The event will conclude with a group ride through San Francisco on July 23 to celebrate the successful completion of the event.

For registration information, visit www.SistersMotorcycleRide.com. For photos of the Van Buren Sisters and historic information, visit www.sistersmotorcycleride.com/womens-motorcycle-ride-inspiration or www.VanBurenSisters.com.