June 30, 2016
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Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Goes Bear Hunting

The third major amateur national of 2016 kicked off this week in beautiful Mammoth Lakes, California, the Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross. The week began with the mini bike classes hitting the hills of the California High Sierras as Monster Energy Kawasaki KX100 rider Lance Kobusch took the Supermini 1 class by storm, setting a pace not many could compete with, winning his first Mammoth title in the Supermini 1 class with a score of 2-1. Kawasaki Team Green rider Ryder DiFrancesco also wasted no time racing his KX65 up front, winning the 65cc 10-11 qualifier, taking him directly to the Main Event. When the gate dropped for the main, DiFrancesco came around Lap-1 inside the top-5 and began maneuvering his way through the competition. When the checkers flew at the end of the five lap race, DiFrancesco finished second in the 65cc 10-11 class. In the 65cc Open class, DiFrancesco had two more great starts where he would finish fourth in Moto 1 and third in Moto 2 for third overall. Teammate Jett Reynolds did not show his usual championship form as the rough and ever changing track conditions got the best of him. Reynolds would finish eighth overall in Mini Sr. 2 9-14 and third overall in 85cc 9-12.

On Day 2, the No. 199 machine of DiFrancesco started the day off just as he did on Day 1, with an impressive qualifying win. However, a poor start in the main erased his chances at the 65cc 10-11 title and would have him finishing fourth place on the day. He finished third overall again in the 65cc Open class, this time finishing second in his Moto 1 qualifier and third in the Moto 2 main. Reynolds went on to finish sixth overall in Mini Sr. 2 9-14 and fourth overall in 85cc 9-12. The mini bike classes ended in celebration, medals and the iconic Mammoth Mountain bear trophies as Kobusch swept both motos in the Supermini 1 class to collect his second Mammoth title in two days.

“Mammoth was fun,” said Kobusch. This track is totally different than anything I’ve ever ridden by far. The layout allows for very high speeds and lots of chop. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to coming back next year.”

When the dust settled for the mini bikes, it was time for the big bikes to begin bar banging. On Fridaymorning, the No. 32 of Jordan Bailey on his Monster Energy Kawasaki KX250F lined up on the concrete start for the Schoolboy 2 class qualifier. When the gate dropped, Bailey shot off the concrete and onto the dirt uphill to capture Kawasaki’s first holeshot of the weekend. Bailey rode smooth and consistent to grab the qualifier win. The Main Event was a cut and paste of the qualifier, as Bailey came flying into the first corner and up Mammoth hill to grab his second holeshot and the overall win to receive his first bear trophy of the weekend.

Bailey came into Saturday beaming with confidence and it showed on the track as he pulled the 250 B qualifier holeshot and led all seven laps to the checkered flag. When it came time for the 250 B main event the gate was stacked with competition, temperatures were reaching high 90s and the track conditions were rough. As 34 250’s riders barreled into the first corner, Bailey sat just inside the top-10. Wasting no time, he sliced his way through the competition and as they competed the first lap he had raced himself into the top three. Bailey applied pressure on second place for four long laps before he was able to take the position. Bailey began laying down lap times in the 1:59:00 range, being the only rider of the weekend to have lap times under two minutes. Within two laps, he had passed for the lead and checked out. Bailey received his second Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross bear trophy for winning the 250 B title.

Sunday was a three-peat performance, as Bailey captured his fourth holeshot leading every lap to his third qualifier win. As he lined up for his sixth and final race in the B/C Open class, Bailey was feeling a little anxious as he had the chance to win his third bear and go undefeated. The gate dropped and the field went roaring through the hills. As they jumped down the hill on Lap-1, the KX250F of Bailey sat second but not for long. As they reached the green flag Bailey scrubbed passed the leader to take over the position. The battle didn’t stop there as second place kept Bailey honest for five long laps, but he never bobbled, leading every lap to his sixth win, going undefeated for the entire event and capturing his third Mammoth bear.

“Words can’t describe how excited I am,” said Bailey. “I came into this week wanting to simply make it through safe and to leave in one piece. I wouldn’t have imagined going six for six and leaving here with three championships. My Kawasaki was awesome off the concrete start all week, allowing me to pull four holeshots. I couldn’t have done it without the entire Team Green and the support they’ve given me.”

Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Championships

Supermini 2 – Lance Kobusch

Supermini 2 – Lance Kobusch

Schoolboy 2 – Jordan Bailey

250 B – Jordan Bailey

B/C Open – Jordan Bailey