Press Release: Round 6 of the KTM RC Cup Series took place at the Utah Motorsports Campus over the weekend in conjunction with the seventh round of the MotoAmerica Championship Series. Brandon Paasch extended the points lead with his fifth race win of the season on day one, while Ashton Yates followed up with his second-career race win on day two.

During the timed qualifying sessions, Anthony Mazziotto III set a positive tone for himself as he qualified on pole for the weekend. In race one, Mazziotto got off to the early lead with Yates close behind, as Paasch hung back in the 3rd place position. Alejandro Gutierrez put himself at the tail end of the lead group early on, followed by Jody Barry close behind.

Mazziotto and Yates swapped the lead several times through the first half of the race, showcasing an exciting battle up front. Paasch and Gutierrez eventually jumped into the mix as they led moments of the race as well.

With only three laps to go, Paasch assumed the lead position with Mazziotto, Yates, Gutierrez and Barry close in tow. However, Mazziotto reclaimed the lead on the white flag lap as the lead-pack diced back-and-forth through the final moments of the race. Paasch made a final move around Mazziotto in the “Attitudes” section, and Yates did the same as he rode past Mazziotto and into the 2nd place position.

Paasch held on to capture the victory, followed by Yates in a close 2nd and Mazziotto in 3rd.

“I was pushing the whole time and trying to stay in the front one or two and it wasn’t working for awhile,” Paasch said. “I kinda just put my head down and did a couple of quick laps and caught back up. The last lap I made some passes that I saw last year. They worked apparently because I got beat by getting passed like that last year.”

Barry put forth a solid ride to capture 4th place, while Gutierrez rounded out the top five. Nolan Lamkin finished a career-best 6th place in race one, followed by Renzo Ferreira in 7th, Cory Ventura in 8th, Jackson Blackmon in 9th and Sean Ungvarsky in 10th.
In race two, it was once again Mazziotto, Yates and Paasch in the lead pack as they pulled a gap on the rest of the field early on. Gutierrez and Roadracing World-backed Wild Card entry, Daniel Costilla, kept themselves in the top-five running all race long as they pushed to catch the top three riders up front.

Mazziotto and Yates went head-to-head for the lead battle once again, while Paasch followed quietly behind in 3rd. With only three laps to go, a rider went down and remained on the course, which resulted in a red flag to call the race early. The official results were determined based off the running order on lap five, giving Yates the race two victory, with Mazziotto in 2nd and Paasch in 3rd.

“No one knows when a red flag will happen, but it’s probably the first time that it’s ever turned my way,” Yates said. “I was feeling good all weekend and it feels really good to get a win. I like this track a lot and I’ll take the points to Laguna.”

Gutierrez climbed one position from race one to finish 4th in race two, while Wild Card rider Costilla rounded out the top five in his first MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup appearance. Lamkin matched his best finish of the season with another 6th place in race two, followed by Josh Serne, Jackson Blackmon, Cory Ventura and Benjamin Smith rounding out the top ten.

Next Event: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca / July 8-10, 2016

Race 1 Results:

  1. Brandon Paasch
  2. Ashton Yates
  3. Anthony Mazziotto III
  4. Jody Barry
  5. Alejandro Gutierrez
  6. Nolan Lamkin
  7. Renzo Ferreira
  8. Cory Ventura
  9. Jackson Blackmon
  10. Sean Ungvarsky

Race 2 Results:

  1. Ashton Yates
  2. Anthony Mazziotto III
  3. Brandon Paasch
  4. Alejandro Gutierrez
  5. Daniel Costilla
  6. Nolan Lamkin
  7. Josh Serne
  8. Jackson Blackmon
  9. Cory Ventura
  10. Benjamin Smith

Championship Point Standings:

  1. Brandon Paasch – 246
  2. Anthony Mazziotto – 231
  3. Ashton Yates – 185
  4. Jody Barry – 150
  5. Alejandro Gutierrez – 129