Concept models can usually be divided into two categories: those you hope would eventually become production models, and those that just leave you scratching your head. Yamaha‘s new 05GEN and 06GEN concepts perfectly illustrate this distinction.

Over the last few years, Yamaha has presented a series of concept models exhibiting what it calls a “Refined Dynamism” design philosophy. These “GEN” concepts include the 01GEN dual-sport trike, 02GEN wheelchair, 03GEN-x and 03GEN-f trikes and semi-transparent 04GEN scooter.

The two newest concepts are the 05GEN three-wheeled bicycle and the 06GEN, um, “mobile veranda” (yes, that’s how Yamaha describes it). The two concepts were designed to provide  leisurely short-distance travel while helping form connections, “linking people and places, and people with people.” The 05GEN and 06GEN will be displayed July 2-3 at the Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture in Imabari City on the island of Shikoku in southern Japan.



The 05GEN combines Yamaha’s powered bicycle business with the leaning multi-wheeler technology behind its Tricity scooter. Like the Tricity, the 05GEN’s two front wheels tilt, allowing the rider to lean into corners. An electric motor provides some pedaling assistance, while the canopy provides some cover during light rains.



The electric 06GEN looks like the offspring of a golf cart and a pontoon boat. The 06Gen is inspired by traditional Japanese engawa verandas, adopting their wood strip flooring style across the interior. The bench seating surrounds the driver’s saddle, encouraging conversation between passengers. The saddle is also removable to allow people in wheelchairs to drive.