Press Release: BikeMaster is pleased to announce the addition of a 5-gallon Utility Jug to their product line. Made in the USA, the jug offers the user improved functionality with its new design and versatility to handle the liquids and chemicals used in most shops.

The jug is manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which provides toughness, strength, stiffness and resistance to the chemicals and moisture that it contains. It comes in a natural color that gives you the best view of what you have stored in the container. It has a squared off design, allowing you to set it flush against a flat surface, which reduces the amount of spills and keeps the jug from rolling away.  It has a double handle for easy lifting and steady pouring and features a spout extender that creates a secure, leak-free seal. It also features a ¼ in. vent tube that allows air to flow to the bottom and release internal pressure, giving you a smoother, quicker pour. The Utility Jug can be recycled.

Additional items, such as a large cap, vent cap, gasket and extra spout are also available.  The Utility Jug from BikeMaster can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice dealer.