The Yamaha Champions Riding School to offer a street riders group during their ChampDay one-day programs. This program, called ChampStreet, fills the demand of riders who want to learn better bike control but don’t have full leathers typically required for track riding. ChampStreet will only require a jacket, helmet, long pants, gloves, and boots. Full suits and textiles are also accepted.

YCRS debuted the ChampDay and ChampStreet  programs last winter in Phoenix. Since then, there has been a lot of demand from riders wishing to learn their “Champions Habits” but dont want to wait for a street riders only program only offered twice per year or don’t have track gear.

“It’s all about options,” says Keith Culver, director of operations for YCRS. “The phone is ringing off the hook with people asking for leather suits so they can attend ChampDay and not wait until September for the street rider program. That means riders who want to learn to ride are prohibited from a track school due to the gear requirements. ChampStreet only requires basic street-riding gear and is inexpensive. YCRS is trying to remove any hurdles to learning, and ChampStreet has been a huge success. By creating a street riders group within ChampDay, we can now service those riders wishing to learn.”

Any riders wishing to learn more about how ChampDay is now open to ALL riders of any skill level on their own motorcycle just need to contact the Yamaha Champions Riding School via or, call 855-RIDEYCRS, or email [email protected]