Ivan Linton won his second-straight Lightweight TT, completing the four-lap race in a time of 1:16:26.681 and averaging a speed of 118.454 mph.

Linton had an early lead going through Glen Helen but James Hillier was only 0.33 seconds behind and Michael Rutter another tenth of a second further in third. Linton and Hillier were in a dead heat, trading the lead several times on the opening lap with Hillier completing the circuit first by 2.1 seconds.


The lead was cut in half their next time through the Ramsey Hairpin and by the end of the second lap, Linton was ahead by 3.5 seconds with Gary Johnson in third. A fast pit stop by Linton gave him a boost and by Glen Helen his lead had grown to 8.2 seconds. Martin Jessopp‘s crew also worked quickly, and he exited the pits ahead of Johnson for third.

The pit stop proved to be a difference maker as Linton held on to the lead for the final two laps for the win, 12.5 seconds ahead of Hillier while Jessop completed the podium in third.

2016 Isle of Man TT: Lightweight TT Race 2 Top Six Results
Pos. Rider Machine/Team Time Speed
1 Ivan Lintin Kawasaki/Devitt RC Express 1:16:26.681 118.454 mph
2 James Hillier Kawasaki/Quattro 1:16:39.153 118.133 mph
3 Martin Jessopp Kawasaki/Riders Motorcycle 1:18:23.536 115.511 mph
4 Gary Johnson WK Bikes/CF Moto 1:18:25.920 115.453 mph
5 Stefano Bonetti Paton/CCM Motorsport 1:18:30.782 115.334 mph