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June 6, 2016
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2016 Isle of Man TT: Sure Sidecar TT 1 Results

The first of this year’s two Sure Sidecar TT races was red-flagged following the crash of pilot Dwight Beare and passenger Benjamin Binns. Beare was killed in the crash and Binns suffered a broken ankle. You can read more about Beare here. Below is the recap of the restarted race.

Brothers played a big role in the first Sure Sidecar TT of this year’s Isle of Man TT. Brothers Peter and Alan Founds finished second and third, respectively, while the sibling team of Steve and Matty Ramsden finished fourth. Winners John Holden and Andrew Winkle aren’t brothers, but their victory came as a direct result of a final-lap retirement of brothers Ben and Tom Birchall.

The Birchall brothers were a favored team following their sweep of last year’s two Sidecar TT races and they were off to a strong start in their first race this year. The Birchalls recorded a time of 19:35.565 on the opening lap, averaging a speed of 115.543 mph for an eight-second lead over Holden and Winkle.

They were even faster on the second go around of the Mountain course, setting a Sidecar TT lap record with a time of 19:22.928 and an average speed of 116.798 mph, beating the previous record of 116.785 mph set last year by Dave Molyneux and Benjamin Binns.

With a 34-second advantage over Holden and Winkle, the Birchalls appeared to have the race in hand until they came to a stop on the final lap at Sulby Crossroads. Holden and Winkle would inherit the lead and hold on for the win.

Peter Founds and passenger Jevan Walmsley finished second while Alan Founds and his passenger Aki Aalto were third ahead of the Ramsden brothers. These three teams recorded personal best finishes.

2016 Isle of Man TT: Sure Sidecar TT 1 Top Five Results
Pos. Rider Machine/Team Time Speed
1 John Holden / Andrew Winkle LCR/Silicone Engineering/Barnes Racing 59:25:609 114.282 mph
2 Peter Founds / Jevan Walmsley Suzuki / Trustland Construction 1:00:19.858 112.569 mph
3 Alan Founds / Aki Aalto LCR/Trustland/Marshall 1:01:00.006 111.334 mph
4 Steve Ramsden / Matty Ramsden LCR/Ramsden Racing 1:01:20.447 110.716 mph
5 Matt Dix / Shaun Parker Baker 1:01:29.129 110.455 mph