REV’IT! has added its name to the list of companies taking advantage of the safety offered by Dainese D-air®, as their rider Alex Rins will be protected by D-air Armor, Dainese’s open-platform airbag technology.

The REV’IT!-sponsored Spanish rider, who currently leads the Moto2 world championship for the Paginas Amarillas HP 40 team, is campaigning this season while wearing Dainese D-air Armor, a special suit undergarment with a built-in Dainese D-air airbag device, inside his REV’IT! racing suit.

The D-air Armor back protector houses the Dainese D-air protection system, including the electronics, gas generator, battery and GPS.

Ivan Vos, Managing Director and owner of REV’IT! states: “At REV’IT! rider safety is our greatest concern. That is why we are proud to incorporate the D-air system into our REV’IT! racing suits. Although Dainese as a brand is one of our competitors, the D-air technology has proven to contribute significantly to the safety of riders in case of a crash. This is why we are happy to contribute to the development of the system in the open-platform structure.”

Cristiano Silei, Dainese Group CEO, stated: “It’s a pleasure to announce a further partnership in the name of rider safety. REV’IT! has joined the ever-growing ranks of companies that share our beliefs that safety on the racetrack is of fundamental importance. D-air Armor enables the possibility of extending the protection level of Dainese D-air to all riders.”