Royal Enfield North America (RENA) is actively recruiting new dealer partners to join the rapidly expanding global enterprise and bring the oldest continuously produced motorcycles in the world to the United States and Canada. The company, a division of Eicher Motors (based in New Delhi, India), is leveraging its recent global momentum to reach new markets.

RENA plans to welcome a select number of qualified dealers in key markets in North America through the end of 2016. The company is looking for savvy entrepreneurial business partners that understand and have a passion for the motorcycling industry and associated lifestyles. RENA is uniquely positioned in the marketplace with an offering of classically styled, middle-weight motorcycles and a storied history that dates back to 1901.

Royal Enfield motorcycles are inspired by the classic bikes throughout motorcycling history, and they still mirror the simplicity, capture the feeling of freedom and emulate traditional craftsmanship paired with modern updates.

“Today, there’s a growing market for middle-weights, and Royal Enfield takes riders back to a time when middle-weight riding was craved. A time of ‘pure’ motorcycling,” said Michael Roark, vice president of sales and dealer development, Royal Enfield North America. “We’re committed to bringing the fun and authentic riding experience that the boomers and Xers grew up with to a new generation of future enthusiasts — millennials. Royal Enfield North America is looking for and excited to talk to both traditional and unconventional dealer partners who share our passion and will become ambassadors for the brand.”

Current Royal Enfield models exude the brand’s 115-year-old heritage. Models include: Royal Enfield’s famous Bullet (the longest continuously produced motorcycle in the world for eight decades), the Classic and the Continental GT cafe racer.

Royal Enfield is supported by a partnership with ThunderRoad Financial and will be offering attractive nationwide retail finance options.

To learn more about Royal Enfield North America and how to become a dealer partner, please click here to fill out and submit the inquiry form for consideration.