We know that many riders are in search of ways to make themselves more visible – particularly at night. So, we thought this Kickstarter project may be of interest to you MOrons. Spektre Lighting System consists of a stick-on 3m (9.8 ft.) electroluminescent wire, a 50cm (19.7 in.) electroluminescent strip, and a rechargeable power pack. The three initial color offerings are green, orange, and blue, but if the startup is successful, other colors may be offered.

Created by a 20 year old French couple, Spektre allows for the personal creation of the lighting design the rider desires – giving a personal touch to the nighttime visibility. Two blinking modes are built-in to the power module.

This is your chance to improve your nighttime conspicuity and look like you’re a Tron character! Visit the Kickstarter page or read the press release below.

Spektre Lighting System Kickstarter

Begin Press Release:

SPEKTRE, the first luminous system studied for a motorcycle helmet.

Spektre is a luminous system composed of an electroluminescent wire and of an electroluminescent band, which was imagined and created for the helmets of motorcycle.

The electroluminescent wire was manufactured with a flat side on which we put an adhesive band, thus Spektre will follow the lines of your helmet with simplicity  but especially it will not damage your helmet. Finished the use of the glue. Your helmet is approved and preserves its warranty.   The electroluminescent band is also fixed thanks to an adhesive band, the latter is broader and also exists in various colors.

Spektre is connected to a refillable battery, it exists three different modes: slow a flickering mode, a fast flickering mode, or static mode.


Spektre allows a total personalization of your helmet, you can choose the design which you wish thanks to flexibility of the wire and with his 3 meters. Important precision, the wire can be crossed, it will function always afterwards.  Besides the aestheticism of the product, Spektre is secure, it increases your visibility, that it is in the black night or in a place little lit, Spektre makes you pass from the shade to the light.

The wire was designed to be most discrete and most aesthetic possible, even in day that will not damage the image of your helmet. Spektre will be available in several colors, so that you can adapt the color to that of your motorcycle or your equipment.

Which are the characteristics?

The wire:

Redesigned, Rechargeable, Remarkable.

Slim and powerful, intriguing the day and surprising the night, it is the definition of Spektre. Thanks to its diameter of 3.5 mm, there remains discrete the day but delivers all its power the night thanks to optical fiber. Constituted by fiber and of flexible PVC, it is with simplicity that you can give him the desired angle what enables him to adapt to all the helmets and all the styles. The wire measures 3 meters but to cut it prevented it not from functioning.

To finish, Spektre is tight, it resists all the weather conditions.

The case: 

The case can be fixed on the side of the helmet or behind, thanks to a system similar to the fixing of the intercoms. We use it because it has proved itself.

We manufacture a case solid and aesthetic, as small and lightweight as an intercom.

Spektre has an endurance of approximately 5 hours.

What contains the box?  

The box contains:

– A tight case

– An electroluminescent wire of 3 meters

– An electroluminescent band of 50 cm

– A cable of refill

– A grip of fixing

– 3M adhesive

– A Spektre sticker

– A documentation

Once the finished financing, we will make various videos of demonstration and installation of the product, in several languages.

The product is guaranteed 1 year.

The lifetime of optical fiber is higher than that of the helmet motorcycle 🙂

Why is your help needed?

We request a financing and we need your help to make overmeasure the cases design, lightweight and ergonomic which will adapt perfectly to the helmets of our future customers, to be able to offer the best with a resistant battery to them and to be able to begin the mass production of Spektre so that our product can be marketed as fast as possible. We have already ideas concerning the evolutions of Spektre and for that the research and development can continue and give rise to other products, your support is so important for us.

Spektre Lighting System Kickstarter