It’s tough reporting news of someone’s death, and especially so when it’s another motojournalist. It is with sadness, then, that we report the passing of Rob Harris, founder and editor-in-chief of one of Canada’s top motorcycle publications, Canada Moto Guide.

Harris, often referred to as Editor ‘Arris, died in a crash on May 14, reportedly while taking part in the Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally. CBC reports Harris died in a collision with a pickup truck in Wollaston Township in Ontario.

The British-born Harris founded CMG (formerly Canadian Motorcycle Guide Online) in 1998 as an online newsletter. The publication became a full website in 2007, with a French language version launched in 2012.

Writing with an irreverent and entertaining voice, Harris led CMG to become one of Canada’s leading motorcycle publications. Harris also helped found the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, a biennial event featuring, naturally, scooters, with participants often traveling the 500-mile distance in costume.

The Globe and Mail published a profile of Harris and CMG in 2013. It’s a good read about the man and what he means to motorcycling in Canada. Harris is survived by his wife Courtney and daughters Cate and Chloe.