Dunlop Introduces the All-New Elite 4

Dunlop 2There are only three things you really need to know about the all-new Dunlop Elite 4: mileage mileage, and more mileage.

Featuring Dunlop’s MT Multi-Tread™ rear tire technology, the Elite® 4 (E4) is offered in a broad size range that fits a huge variety of new and existing motorcycle models. In many cases, riders will be able to fit E4s to their machines and double the mileage compared to the single-compound tires they previously had to choose from.

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MotoAmerica Update: The Restart

Dunlop 3Toni Elias knows a thing or two about restarting. And we’re not talking about a red-flagged race. In his career, the Spanish rider who once won a MotoGP race was the toast of the town; he beat none other than Valentino Rossi in a MotoGP race and was a front-runner and podium finisher in the top level of motorcycle racing, all this in 2006.

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Dungey Gets It Done

Dunlop 4In the minds of many, Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey seemed to be the shoo-in to claim the number-one plate early at Foxborough. Extensive behind-the-scenes coverage aired during the television broadcast set up what seemed to be the sure-bet coronation. But RCH Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John’s/Suzuki Factory Racing’s Ken Roczen didn’t think so.

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Dunlop extends the legendary Sportmax family with the GPR-300

Dunlop 5A Hgh-Performance Radial for Small-Displacement Street Bikes

The GPR-300 is a performance radial that allows riders with bias tires to upgrade to a premium performance tire.