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May 11, 2016
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BMW R1200RT for Medics

BMW presented an R1200RT adapted for paramedics at Europe’s leading trade show for first responders. The R1200RT was accompanied by several BMW automobiles similarly equipped to deal with emergencies at the 2016 edition of RETTmobil in Fulda, Germany.

Our editor’s and reader’s choice sport-touring motorcycle of 2015 is a practical platform for first responder duties. The air/water-cooled boxer engine (109.8 hp and 80.1 lb-ft. in our dyno testing) is more than enough to get an EMT quickly to the scene of an emergency, and its load capacity can handle the extra equipment and medical supplies. BMW engineers worked with fire and rescue service institutions to adapt the R1200RT and its other vehicles to serve as emergency vehicles.

2014 BMW R1200RT Review

The R1200RT is equipped with blue LED lights at the front and a rotating signal beacon on a telescopic pole mounted at the rear to alert traffic of its approach. A public address system with speakers mounted to the bars protecting the engine help the rider to deliver instructions to bystanders and other emergency personnel.

With a combined volume of 56 liters (14.8 gallons), the saddlebags are larger than the civilian R1200RT’s bags and are shielded, at least on the front by protective bars.

Other additions include a digital radio mounted on the tail and an auxiliary battery to power the additional electrical equipment or an external load through an electrical outlet.