Electric motorcycle company Energica has announced that the first 100 units produced in 2016 will come with carbon fiber fairings.

In addition, each bike will be ready to accept a DC fast-charger. This allows the customer to decide to install the actual Fast Charge option at a later date instead of the purchase time. Additionally, Energica says, this will also increase the secondhand value of its models.

Energica also announced warranties for its batteries have now been extended to three years.

Other options for the Ego and Eva are below.

Optional equipment for Energica Ego:

  • Ohlins 43mm front fork, fully adjustable

Optional equipment for Energica Eva:

  • Ohlins 43mm front fork, fully adjustable
  • Soft saddlebags with quick release
  • Carbon fiber kit (front mudguard, side fairings, rear mudguard, chain guard, and front air duct)
  • Eva Tech Seat
  • Ohlins rear shock absorber
  • OZ aluminum forged wheels
  • Handlebar ends set and Ergal bolt kit (available colors: blue, red, gold, silver, black)

Visit energicamotor.com for more information.