Press Release: Do you love adventure motorcycle riding? Do you enjoy Old West history? Then Outlaw Trails Moto Adventure is the motorcycle tour for you.

The exploits of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch, more than a century ago, still fire the imagination. Outlaw Trails Moto Adventure offers up a unique opportunity to retrace the very steps of these infamous outlaws through some of Utah’s remote sections of the Outlaw Trail. This expertly guided, four-day tour takes riders into a land where history surrounds them in living 3D. Monty Scott, Outlaw Trails Moto Adventure owner and guide, says the Tour was born out of his love for motorcycles and history.

“As a boy, I became a student of history when I learned about the California Gold Rush that took place not far from my childhood home. I also became obsessed with motorcycles when I started riding as a teen”, says Scott. “Today I’m still addicted to both and have combined my two favorite things in Outlaw Trails Moto Adventure.” After Scott moved to Utah in the 80s, he became fascinated with learning about Utah’s outlaws, especially Butch Cassidy, born Robert Leroy Parker here in Utah to a good, pioneer Mormon family. Scott even recently discovered that Parker is a distant relative of his.

Outlaw Trails Moto Adventure includes visits to two famous Outlaw Trail hideouts — Brown’s Park in remote, northeast Utah near the Green River and Robber’s Roost in Utah’s rugged Canyonlands. Along the trail, riders stop at important sites where Scott will share fascinating stories and insights about the exploits of Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and the Wild Bunch.


“This Tour has everything!” claims Scott. “Scenic byways, dirt roads and primitive jeep trails through high, alpine forests, rolling prairies, over desolate, desert landscapes and along winding, vertical cliff canyons. And there’s enough twisties on this Tour to make your tranny say “when”! There’s Old West romance, a hands-on demonstration of Old West style firearms, a ‘cowboy camp’, Dutch oven dinner experience and first-class accommodations.”

“This just may well be the best, most fun motorcycle tour ever offered!”, boasts Scott.

The tour costs from $900 to $1,050 and includes hotel stays, dinners and breakfasts. Riders provide their own motorcycles but rentals are available through a partner company. Tours start and end in Provo, Utah, and run Wednesday to Saturday, in June, August and September.

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