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April 12, 2016
| On 4 years ago

Yamaha Trademarks TMax DX and TMax SX

Yamaha has filed trademark applications in Europe for the names “TMax DX” and “TMax SX,” suggesting two new variants on the company’s popular scooter.

Of course, Yamaha already offers a couple of TMax variants in Europe in the TMax Iron Max and TMax Lux Max. The DX may be a more luxurious “deluxe” variant, possibly replacing the Lux Max (pictured below). The SX designation could be for a sportier version, sort of like how BMW divides its scooter models into the C650GT and C650 Sport.

Another possibility is either one or both of the trademarks will be used for three-wheeled TMax based off of Yamaha’s Tricity. This idea seems less likely however, as the TMax name has established a strong brand identity and may be better served by not diverging from its core identity.

The trademark applications, both filed March 31 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, reveal little specifics, except to say Yamaha intends to use the names for “motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, three-wheeled motorcycles, three-wheeled scooters, three-wheeled mopeds and parts and fittings thereof,” which isn’t particularly helpful.

The TMax is a perennially one of Yamaha’s best-selling models in Europe but only recently returned to the U.S. market. That being said, it’s entirely likely the TMax DX and TMax SX may end up being Euro-only models like the Iron Max and Lux Max. We’ll keep an eye out for more developments on these two trademark filings.

[Source: EUIPO]