Honda is recalling the accessory top box mounts designed for PCX150 scooters because of a risk of the top boxes falling off. The mounts, identified by part numbers 08L71-K35-J00, 08L70-KZY-910, and 81200-KWN-780, are designed for the PCX150 but may be installed on PCX125 models as well. The recall affects 1,533 Honda Genuine Accessory top boxes in the U.S.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the design of the mount may prevent the top box’s rear locking hook from fully engaging. As such, there is a chance of the top boxes falling off the scooter, damaging it and its contents and increasing the risk of an accident.

Honda first received word of a problem in the spring of 2015 after two top boxes detached in Japan. An initial investigation could not determine the cause of the problem. By August, Honda received five more reports of top boxes falling off. This prompted Honda to investigate the die mold of the rear trunk base but again, no cause was found.

As more reports came in, Honda switched tracks and began investigating whether the problem was caused by an incomplete installation of the top box to its base. On March 15, 2016, Honda initiated the recall process. Overall, Honda has received 11 reports of PCX top boxes detaching, all from Japan.

Honda has designed a new top box base but it will not be available until this summer. PCX owners will be contacted and asked to stop using the top boxes until replacement parts can be installed. If a customer wants, however, Honda dealers can install a temporary repair, installing a cable tie through the top box’s locking lever to help hold it in place.

[Source: NHTSA]