All-wheel drive motorcycle maker Christini announced it is adapting its technology to produce a snow bike kit. The Christini AWD II-Track system will be used for both recreational and military applications, and will be compatible with Christini’s AWD 450 four-stroke or AWD 300 two-stroke dirtbikes.

The Christini AWD II-Track will use a drive track at the rear and a single ski on the front instead of a wheel, like similar snow bikes from companies such as the Polaris-owned Timbersled.

Timbersled Snowbike Conversion

The II-Track however, uses a split ski design with a smaller track driven by a front hub connected to Christini’s all-wheel drive system. The front track adds a secondary source of traction as well as a braking system. The front track and ski are adjustable to meet the conditions of packed snow and soft powder as well as mud and sand.

The AWD II-Track system is still under development but we expect Christini to announce further details later in the year.

[Source: Christini]