From a Mimi & Moto press release.

The husband and wife team of Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn have announced the summer 2016 release of ‘The Adventures of Mimi & Moto’, a children’s motorcycle book.

Designed for toddlers to five-year-olds, “the goal of the book is to give motorcycle-riding parents and grandparents a great new tool to help them share their passion for motorcycles with their children and grandchildren” says Gerloff. “We think every parent or grandparent who rides hopes that their child or grandchild will share their love for motorcycles; we want to be part of that process and help it along.”

“The idea for the book was sort of an accident and came from our daughter,” says Augustyn. “When we started potty training her, we would keep books in the bathroom to keep her occupied. Since we are both AMA members, we are always sent two issues of the monthly American Motorcyclist magazine; one copy always seemed to end up in the bathroom with her where she would look through it and point out the motorcycle pictures. We tried, but could not find a suitable children’s motorcycle book for her age that we liked so we decided to write and create our own with the help of our illustrator, Esteban Alvarado.”

Along with publishing the first book, the couple also has other plans. “We are definitely thinking about how to maximize the Mimi & Moto brand we are building which includes making the book available online, exploring the international market, clothing, merchandise, stuffed animals, coloring book, matching game, posters, animated cartoon, app, and whatever else we can think of or that Mimi & Moto fans suggest,” adds Gerloff.

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