Honda is recalling 2014 Forza scooters because a potential rear brake fluid leak that could cause a loss of rear brake pressure. The recall affects both ABS and non-ABS-equipped models.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the rear brake line joint may not have been sufficiently torqued during assembly. This loose connection may cause brake fluid to leak, reducing rear brake pressure and increasing the risk of a crash.

Honda first received a report of low brake pressure in September 2013 from a Forza scooter in the U.K. with just 89 miles on it. Honda initially thought the problem was caused during the assembly by a process used to eliminate air from the brake lines which incorporated an additional torque verification check.

Later that month, Honda received a second report, this time from a Forza in Japan with just 8 miles on the odometer. In both cases, Honda determined the rear brake lines had been cleared of air but a brake fluid leak inspection was not conducted.


In October 2013, Honda determined the torque wrench used to tighten the brake line joint may come in contact with the Forza’s frame, preventing it from applying the required amount of torque. Honda began using a different torque wrench design to avoid this problem. In December, Honda received a third report of a Forza in Australia with just 95 miles on it with low rear brake pressure. Like the others, it had air eliminated from the rear brake lines but did not received a brake fluid leak inspection. The Forza was also produced before the change in torque wrenches.

In July 2015, Honda received two more reports from Japan. These scooters were also assembled before the change in torque wrenches but both units had over 1300 miles on them. Because of the higher mileage on the two newest reports, Honda began an investigation. On Feb. 12, 2016, Honda initiated recall proceedings.

Honda dealers will inspect recalled Forza scooters and tighten the rear brake line joints to the necessary specification. If necessary, dealers will also fill the rear brake reservoir at no cost to the owner. The recall campaign affects 1,984 scooters in the U.S.