From a KTM press release:

KTM North America, Inc. is excited to announce a two-year partnership agreement with M Gymkhana, a California-based promoter of motorcycle gymkhana. This motorcycle sport is designed to challenge a rider’s ability to navigate a pre-designed course around cones in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of error.

M Gymkhana is an open displacement competition that tests the rider’s skill and ability rather than how much or how little horsepower a particular motorcycle can produce. The M Gymkhana series has a different course layout for each round that is on paved ground with cones as the markers. Riders race through the cones without error for the fastest time.

KTM has chosen to partner with M Gymkhana as the series is a perfect venue to showcase the light and agile KTM 390 Duke. Even the smallest displacement Duke is READY TO RACE, and in the hands of a skilled rider will turn faster times than larger, more powerful machines.

With the partnership between KTM North America and M Gymkhana comes the opportunity for new entrants into the sport to demo a purpose-built 2016 KTM 390 Duke on the gymkhana course. All that is needed is a motorcycle endorsement and the required safety gear.

The Southern California Series schedule is as follows:

March 12 – TBD
April 23 – Fontana Speedway
May 21 – OC Fairgrounds
June 25 – Fontana Speedway
July 16 – TBD
July 23 – Fontana Speedway
September 17 – Fontana Speedway
October 1 – OC Fairgrounds
October 22 – Fontana Speedway
November 5 – OC Fairgrounds
November 26 – Fontana Speedway
December 10 – Fontana Speedway