From a Brock’s Performance press release:

Brock’s Performance, a global leader in the design, testing, retailing and distribution of go-fast motorcycle parts, is proud to announce an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Rotobox Wheels.

Rotobox’s unique, carbon-fiber monocoque wheels are immediately distinguishable by five wide, elliptical spokes, smooth rim surfaces and stunning billet aluminum hubs that can be customized during manufacturing by special order.

These blank canvases beg for artistic personalization. Riders can create one-off designs with Rotobox’s palette of colors, splashy graphics, stripes and logos, all protected by a choice of matte or glossy finishes that accentuate their carbon weaving.

Beautiful even in “stock” form, Rotobox wheels’ standard color scheme includes black hubs and 90-degree, red valve stems carved from aluminum billet, with red Rotobox logos.

These sculptures of carbon-fiber eye candy are built to perform as good as they look. They’re the world’s only one-piece, carbon-monocoque wheels manufactured via high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). This process consistently produces light, strong, smooth components.

Rotobox’s premium European wheels, made in Slovenia’s carbon-fiber district, enable nimbler handling, faster acceleration, improved suspension compliance and more effective braking by weighing up to 40 percent less than their OEM counterparts, reducing unsprung mass and gyroscopic effects in cornering. They are DOT- and JWL-approved, having met JASO T203-85 safety standards that include lab-based tests measuring cornering, radial, torsional and impact performance.

Brock’s is now carrying the entire line of Rotobox wheels for 65 popular sportbikes, in 3.5- and 6.0-inch sizes. They come in concave and symmetrical designs for motorcycles with dual- or single-sided swingarms. Direct replacements for stock rims, each model-specific Rotobox wheel is supplied with a cush drive, disc and sprocket carriers, spacers and a choice of ceramic or steel bearings.

Brock’s Performance has successfully marketed, distributed, retailed and provided expert aftercare support for carbon-fiber wheels since 2009. Rotobox’s highly customizable wheels will help the company speak to a broader audience that values cutting-edge technology in fully personalized designs. That said, Brock’s will continue its never-ending pursuit of power and style for hardcore sportbike riders and drag racers.

“As soon as we met the Rotobox team, it was clear that we were a perfect match,” says Brock’s Performance President Brock Davidson. A degreed engineer who’s been building some of the world’s fastest show-quality sportbikes for three decades, he’s excited about this exclusive distribution agreement with Rotobox Wheels and growing his company’s portfolio of high-end, global brands.

“The world is becoming more carbon-fiber-friendly by the day because more riders are recognizing the benefits of lighter, better-handling and, ultimately, safer motorcycles. Our customers are all looking for the same things: Exceptional value on a wide range of products backed by extraordinary customer service. Expanding our selection of composite wheels with the addition of Rotobox continues this tradition.”

For more information about Rotobox Wheels, to explore their custom design possibilities, find other Brock’s products or place an order, please visit or call 937-912-0054, then visit the company’s Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter postings.