From an Outlaw Trails press release:

April 21, 1897

Castle Gate, Utah – As the train from Salt Lake City coasted to a stop, the gold and silver coins that were the Pleasant Valley Coal Company’s payroll were quickly unloaded with the intention of being taken to the paymaster’s office. Suddenly, two armed cowboys appeared. In a daring daytime robbery, the two relieved the paymaster and his assistant of about $7,000. Although dozens of men watched the entire process, it happened so quickly and unexpectedly, that no one did anything to stop the outlaws. The thieves were Butch Cassidy and Elzy Lay, two members of the infamous Wild Bunch. They were last seen heading south to Robber’s Roost.


Provo, Utah – Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures offers a unique opportunity to take an expertly guided, four day tour of some of Utah’s remote sections of the Outlaw Trail used by Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid and other members of The Wild Bunch. Monty Scott, Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures owner and guide, says the Tour was born out of his love for motorcycles and history.

“Ever since I moved to Utah, I have been fascinated about Utah’s outlaws, especially Butch Cassidy. He was born here to a good, pioneer Mormon family. I have spent years reading and researching about Butch and other members of The Wild Bunch. The Tour includes my personal travelogue about the outlaws”, says Scott.

The Tour takes riders to two famous Outlaw Trail hideouts – Brown’s Park in northeast Utah and Robber’s Roost in Utah’s rugged Canyonlands. Along the Trail, riders will stop at important sites where Scott will share fascinating stories and insights about the outlaws and their exploits.

“For years, I’ve been leading dual sport and ATV riders on Utah trails. Outlaw Trails Dual Sport Adventures allows me to combine my two passions – motorcycles and history – to give adventure riders the opportunity to explore and experience Utah’s rich outlaw history”, adds Scott.

The tour costs $1,050.00, and starts and ends in Provo, Utah. Tours run Wednesday to Saturday, from June through September. The price includes hotel stays, dinners and breakfasts. Riders provide their own motorcycles suitable for exploring remote dirt roads and jeep trails as well as back roads and scenic byways. Rental motorcycles are available through a partner company.

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