At first glance, the Honda NAVI looks like a Grom with the engine removed, but in fact, it’s a fully intact motorcycle headed for production for the Indian market. Introduced at Auto Expo 2016 in Delhi, the NAVI (which stands for “New Additional Value for India”) is an eye-catching little funster designed for Indian youth.

The first Honda motorcycle entirely designed and produced by Honda R&D India, the NAVI may look like it’s missing an engine but it’s actually powered by a 110cc swingarm-mounted scooter engine claiming 7.8 hp at 7000 rpm and 6.6 lb-ft. at 5500 rpm. Honda claims the NAVI has a top speed of 50 mph. Where you would normally expect a motorcycle engine, Honda left an empty space that can be used for storage.

The 12-inch front wheel sports a 90/90 tubeless tire while a 10-inch wheel with a 90/100 tire spins at the rear. Both wheels are stopped by drum brakes. Suspension is provided by telescopic fork and a single rear shock.

For the Auto Expo, Honda showed two variants, an off-road version and an adventure-style model, showcasing the potential for customization.

The Honda NAVI will be available in India with five color options for Rs. 39,500, or about US$585. It’s unlikely, however, that we’ll see the NAVI offered here in North America.

[Source: Honda]