Fellow motojournalist, and friend of the entire MO staff, Neale Bayly is premiering his television show, Neale Bayly Rides: Peru on MavTV tonight, February 2. We might be biased because Bayly is a friend of ours, but we feel his philanthropic work is admirable and worthy of support. Check out the full press release below to learn more about Neale Bayly Rides: Peru. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a trailer for the show. 

NEALE BAYLY RIDES: PERU premieres on MavTV this upcoming Tuesday, February 2nd. The three-part series follows a group of average riders with varying degrees of experience as they take the trip of a lifetime to Peru. Along the way they face unbelievable challenges through the deserts and mountains, but the gratifying journey leads them to an orphanage for abandoned children that makes all the sacrifices worth it.

Leading an eclectic band of travelers riding BMW F800GSs and R1200GSs, veteran motorcycle journalist Neale Bayly demonstrates the depth of his experience at the helm of this philanthropic adventure. Neale is no stranger to adventure-seeking expeditions having explored much of the world on two wheels, riding in 49 countries over the last 38 years.

Catch all the action, emotions, sacrifices and adventures all month long on MAVTV. The first episode premieres on Tuesday, February 2nd at 2AM EST. AS follows is the broadcast schedule for the entire series on MAVTV:

Episode 1: The Preparation
Feb 2 @ 2AM (Premiere)
Feb 2 @ 5AM

Episode 2: Storms of Peru
Feb 9 @ 2AM (Premiere)
Feb 9 @ 5AM

Episode 3: Heart of Peru
Feb 16 @ 2AM (Premiere)
Feb 16 @ 5AM

Episode 4:
Feb 23 @ 2AM (Premiere)
Feb 23 @ 5AM

About Wellspring International Outreach: Wellspring is dedicated to raising awareness, resources, and hope for abandoned children worldwide. Currently, Wellspring is building new facilities for the children at the Hogar Belen orphanage in Moquegua, Peru, and for independent families in White River, South Africa.


About Neale Bayly: Adventurer. Humanitarian. Motorcyclist. Road Warrior. Writer. Photographer. Tennis Player. Father. Storyteller.

In 1985 Neale arrived in New York on a one-way ticket with $100 in his pocket and made his way to Florida. Working construction for the winter, he then bought a $400 motorcycle and rode from Florida to Alaska. This first long motorcycle trip started his love of two-wheeled travel and Neale has been riding around the world ever since.

During an adventure motorcycle ride to Peru in 1995, Neale experienced a life- changing event when he met Canadian Priest, Father Giovanni Battaglini. High up in the Andes Mountains, Father Gio shared with Neale the story of his work to serve the impoverished people of Peru including a group of orphaned and abandoned children living at Hogar Belen.

Neale returned home to America changed and on a new path. Years later, Neale and Father Gio’s sister, Maria Fitzgerald, co-founded Wellspring International Outreach to honor Father Gio’s memory. He and his girlfriend, Andrea, live in Charlotte, NC and he has two sons, Luke 20 and Patrick 15.

NEALE BAYLY RIDES Trailer from Midgett Productions on Vimeo.