The Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS), the two-day riding school offered at select tracks around the country, is familiar to many riders. Well, more riders are about to be able to take advantage of this time-tested approach to riding education. YCRS has announced two new classes to be run in conjunction with the two-day riding schools. ChampDay is a shortened one-day version of the YCRS aimed at track riders. ChampStreet is a street-focused one-day school that takes the YCRS knowledge base and applies it to street riding.

For riders who have a limited budget or can’t take two days away to attend the YCRS, the single day ChampDay offers plenty of bang-for-the-buck. The same principles developed for the two-day school are compressed into this “ChampSchool Light.” Since this is a track school, full gear will be required, but YCRS is arranging for rental leathers to be available. Students are expected to bring their own motorcycle, though a limited number of rentals may be available. The goal is to get as many students a possible (up to an 8:1 student to instructor ratio) out on the track to experience the YCRS-developed Champions Habits to make them both faster and safer riders. The $495 tuition covers the day, and if space is available at the accompanying YCRS, a student can have the full tuition rolled in to the $1,995 price of the next day’s YCRS! Otherwise, students have a year to get a 50% credit of their ChampDay tuition for a full YCRS event.

The ChampStreet class offers a mix of parking lot and track riding at street-legal speeds. So, full leathers are not required. In fact, “racer types” are not invited to the class. ChampStreet, instead, takes the Champions Habits and applies them to street riding situations and speeds, proving that race-developed techniques can make you a better street rider. The track is simply used to teach the riding skills in a completely controlled environment.

Two ChampStreet events are scheduled for 2016. On March 12, 2016, Arizona Motorsports Park will be hosting three hour ChampStreet sessions (9:00–12:00 and 1:00–4:00) for $160. The second takes place on September 12, 2016, the Monday after the MotoAmerica season finale at New Jersey Motorsports Park. This full-day program will cost $495.

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2016 Schedule

  • Jan 7–8, Two-Day ChampSchool – Inde
  • February 16–17, Two-Day ChampSchool – Inde
  • March 12, One-Day ChampDay – Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP)
  • March 13, One-Day ChampStreet – AMP
  • March 14–15, Two-Day ChampSchool – Inde
  • April 4–5, Two-day ChampSchool -Inde
  • May 3, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
  • May 4–5, Two-Day ChampSchool – NJMP
  • May 31, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
  • June 1–2, Two-Day ChampSchool – NJMP
  • July 5, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
  • July 6–7, Two-Day ChampSchool – NJMP
  • September 12, One-Day ChampStreet (Street Riders Only, lower speeds, no track gear required)
  • September 13, One-Day ChampDay – NJMP
  • October 17–18, Inde Two-Day ChampSchool
  • Nov 7–8, Inde Two-Day ChampSchool
  • Dec 5–6, Two-Day ChampSchool