Only one thing matters on the Hill ranch in southeast Colorado: Work. Money’s tight and if a motorcycle is burning gasoline, it better be for good reason. The family’s single foray into racing ended in disaster and proved once and for all that a motorcycle is just another ranch tool to move cows, run errands or transport a kid to school.

hill ranch racersThe racing world of southern California couldn’t be more opposite. Motorcycles get trailered to the track and raced just for fun, then cleaned and prepared to race again the next weekend. The dirt bikes owned by the Jupiter family of Redlands, California, were never to be used as tools of any kind. They were owned for only one reason: Racing fun! A Yamaha-sponsored demo-ride program at the Pueblo County Fair near the Hill ranch uncovers enormous talent and some unfinished business, launching a string of events that brings these two disparate worlds of rural Colorado and southern California together. Motorcyclists of all ages will love Nick Ienatsch’s twisting tale that highlights the joy of motorcycle riding and the beauty of racing passion.

The Hill Ranch Racers can be purchased in paperback form at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and digital e-book version at Outskirts Press.

About Nick Ienatsch

Nick Ienatsch started riding at the age of 12 and began working at Motorcyclist Magazine a dozen years later. His full-time motorcycle life continues at Cycle World Magazine, and as the chief instructor at the Yamaha Champions Riding School. Nick was the founding Editor at SportRider Magazine and, and penned the popular Sport Riding Techniques. Nick’s motorcycle roadracing career includes championships at Willow Springs Raceway, with WERA and two AMA national championships. He continues to race with AHRMA.