Honda is recalling a total of 22,142 units of its 745cc Shadow cruiser lineup because of a problem with the bank angle sensor. The recall affects 2011-2016 Shadow Aero models, 2012-2014 Shadow Spirit 750s and 2010-2016 Shadow Phantoms.

According to documents from Honda released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, engine vibrations can cause the bank angle sensor’s wiring to rub against a wire harness joint connector. This may cause an opening in the bank angle sensor electrical circuit which may cause it to fail, possibly resulting in an engine stall.

The problem was first reported to Honda in Aug. 2013 after an American model’s bank angle sensor fail, causing an engine misfire. Over the next year, American Honda reported three more bank angle sensor failures, two causing an engine misfire and the third causing an engine to stall while riding.

In November 2014, Honda began vibration durability testing of the bank angle sensor. The test was concluded in Dec. 2015 after which Honda began the recall process. As of Dec. 14, Honda had received five warranty claims and five field reports but no reported injuries.


Honda dealers will rearrange the joint connector for the wire harness and install a new bank angle sensor on the recalled motorcycles.

[Source: Honda, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism]