Since 2010, the Florida State University Police Department Motorsports Team has been educating the motoring public of safe, legal venues to pursue their desire to compete through the use of motorsports events. The FSUPD Motorsports Team spreads its traffic safety awareness message by hosting track days, attending amateur level sanctioned events, local club meetings, and local and national car and motorcycle shows.

For its track days, the FSUPD Motorsports Team accepts a limited number of riders.  To be considered for sponsorship you must be a Florida resident that’s never previously ridden on a race track – male and female riders who would typically be running bridges and dragging knees on the street. Judging to the multitude of positive reviews on the FSUPD Motorsports Team’s Facebook page, they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

“I came out and did a track day with this group at Jennings GP, and I just want to say that these guys did an awesome job hosting this event. This was my first tack day and I am already starting to plan my next one. These guys showed us how the track can be a great outlet and a much safer one then riding motorcycles on the street. I received a ton of 1-on-1 instruction. They covered everything from how to approach the track, to body position, throttle control, and bar grip. In my opinion, I became a much better rider in one day at the track, then I could have in months on the street learning things myself and for those reasons I will definitely be back,” says Kenny Miller.

Interested Florida residents can contact Jason Harris ([email protected]) for more information.