BMW revealed a new “laser light” headlight system for motorcycles that claims twice the high beam range of conventional headlights. The technology, brought over from the company’s automobile division, debuted on a K1600GTL concept model revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


According to BMW, the laser lights produce a bright “pure-white” light that can project up to a high beam range of 600 meters (about 656 yards), or double the range of conventional lights. The German manufacturer also says the laser lights are compact, robust and maintenance free, leading to a long service life.


According to BMW, laser light headlights (right) have twice the high beam range of conventional lights (left)

BMW manufacturer introduced its laser light headlights on its i8 and 7 Series cars and the concept model is its first implementation on a motorcycle. BMW calls the K1600GTL concept a feasibility test model as the technology is still too expensive for practical use on production motorcycles. The hope is for the technology to take off in the automobile segment, leading to lower costs from economies of scale.

[Source: BMW]