Zero Motorcycles

For the 2016 model year, Zero has increased performance of its model range once again. Many factors contribute to the performance gain, but the biggest breakthrough comes from the patent pending Z-Force Internal Permanent Magnet motor. Zero claims the IPM is able to tolerate higher temps and produce less heat than its predecessor, a surface mount permanent magnet motor. Heat is the enemy of performance, and the IPM allows the 2016 Zeros to increase the continuous top speed.

In the Zero webcast below, Zero’s Director of Powertrain Engineering, Ryan Biffard, explains the general principles of electric motors, then dives into the specifics of the IPM and its benefits. The entire webcast is an hour long, but skip to the 15-minute mark for details on the IPM. I’ll be riding the 2016 lineup of Zero motorcycles early next month, and I’ll be sure to put the IPM to the test.