The 2016 edition of the officially-licensed MotoGP video game series is being rebranded to showcase the world championship’s most bankable racer, nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi. Italian developer Milestone, the company behind MotoGP 13, 14, 15 and ’08 as well as the motorcycle simulation game Ride, announced the Valentino Rossi The Game will launch on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/Steam systems in June 2016.

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In addition to being a full simulation of the 2016 MotoGP season, the game adds new features based around Rossi’s life and career. The game will trace Rossi’s career from its very beginnings to the present, and includes flat track racing on a virtual version of the Valentino Rossi Ranch. Milestone will also bring in some of the work from its World Rally Car games to include a rally car mode on tracks such as the Monza Rally (which Rossi happened to win for the fourth time this past weekend).

“I’m happy to announce that I’ll participate in the making of Valentino Rossi The Game, along with the guys at Milestone,” says Rossi. “We chose to include both the most important elements of my MotoGP career, and all the extra circuit stuff that are so important to me, like Ranch, Rally and more. It will be fun to approach the game not only as a gamer, but also as a ‘Game Tester.’ I’ll work with the development team to make sure all fans will get the best experience they ever had.”

The game will retain the features of previous MotoGP games, with updated riders, teams and the full schedule for the 2016 MotoGP season, so fans of other racers won’t be left out, provided they don’t mind the abundance of yellow and the heavy focus on Rossi (and no, Milestone did not add a “kick” button).

“After our 4th year of successful partnership with Milestone launching the official MotoGP console games, we are delighted to be able to announce this new and unique Valentino Rossi  game,” says Pau Serracanta, managing director for MotoGP promotor Dorna Sports. “Many other sports have launched special edition games honoring the most important stars in their field and Valentino Rossi most certainly fits this description for MotoGP! The game will pay homage to Valentino’s career as well as include the full MotoGP 2016 grid. We are very excited and proud to be part of this project and have every confidence in its success.”