A leaked video from MV Agusta shows a revised Brutale 800 is getting ready for its debut at EICMA in Milan next week. Although details are few, let’s dive into what we have seen so far.

2015 MV Agusta Brutale 800 RR Quick Ride + Video

MV has already implied that the engine for the 800 will be updated for 2016 in a Facebook post. Perhaps some of the changes made to the Triple for the Turismo Veloce 800 will be included. First on our list would be the extended 9,000 mi. service interval. We’d also expect some performance improvements, too. Take a look at the exhaust with its significantly larger muffler assembly, presumably to allow more exhaust gas flow. Since the muffler would require a beefier support, why not place the passenger footpeg hanger there to clean up the lines of the tail section by removing the dangling pillion support hardware. (Although in these photos, no passenger pegs are mounted.) A new aluminum subframe with a cool see-through section just below the rider’s seat is perhaps the most visually noticeable change for the 2016 edition, which lends itself to a more streamlined tail.

2015 vs 2016: How you make sleek and sexy even moreso.

2015 vs 2016: How you make a sleek and sexy even moreso.

Stylistically, the headlight has a swoopier, dare we say, sexier profile. Since the instruments are mounted lower and closer to the handlebar, we’d expect the LCD display to be a smaller, lighter unit to fit in the diminished space. The fuel tank appears to be a bit taller than last year’s model, making us hope that the volume of go-juice the Brutale carries has been increased. The larger air intake on the leading edge of the tank has us hedging our bets about the larger tank, though.

On October 29th, MV Agusta teased its Facebook fans with this photo of the 2016 Brutale’s engine.

On October 29th, MV Agusta teased its Facebook fans with this photo of the 2016 Brutale’s engine.

One thing we are surprised to see, however, is the Marzocchi label on the fork since the company announced in August that it was ceasing motorcycle operations by the end of 2015. Clutched between the fork tubes, new, five-spoke cast wheels make an appearance. Components that have not changed noticeably are the trellis frame section and the single-sided swingarm.

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All this speculation will be confirmed or laid to rest in just a few days as EICMA begins in Milan, Italy. Stay tuned.