Yamaha uploaded a new video teasing a new MT-series (FZ for us in North America) model announcement for next week’s EICMA show. The video follows the same style as the other MT models’ “Dark Side of Japan” videos (plus a dash of Tron-style lighting on the rider’s gear).

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At first, we figured the video could be for the MT-03,  which was previously announced by Yamaha but won’t formally be introduced for the European market until EICMA. On closer inspection, there are signs the video is teasing an entirely different model to join the MT family.

The big clue is in the video’s description which reads:

A big bang is imminent. And from it will emerge an explosive new breed of dark energy that is destined to reshape the MT world. Inspired by the dynamic forces coming out of the Dark Side of Japan, this forceful new creation redefines torque emotion. Nothing can prepare you for the changes that are about to happen. MT will never stand still.

Yamaha, of course, has long been touting the “big bang” firing order of its R1, even maintaining the crossplane engine motif across the FZ-09 and FZ-07 but not the MT-03 which shares the R3’s 321cc parallel-Twin engine. Yamaha hasn’t, however, used “big bang” to describe the FZ-09 or FZ-07’s firing order.

One possibility is a new replacement for the aging FZ1 using the previous-generation R1’s crossplane crankshaft engine. A partially-faired design would differentiate this hypothetical new model from the naked models, and the R1’s 998cc Inline-Four would fit in nicely above the FZ-09’s 847cc Triple and the FZ-07’s 689cc Twin.

The video doesn’t reveal much about what the new model looks like, besides some generic-looking mirrors. At the 0:13 mark however we can see a reflection in the rider’s helmet of a digital instrument panel:


Judging from the screenshot, the display is offset slightly to the rider’s right with a similar shape to the FZ-09’s screen:


So, at the very least, the evidence suggests the new model is either another FZ-09 variant or a FZ1 replacement with an older R1 engine. Thankfully we won’t have to wait too long to find out, as Yamaha’s EICMA presentation will be next Monday.

[Source: Yamaha]