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November 10, 2015
| On 5 years ago

Bimota to Unveil Updated Tesi and other Bikes/Technologies at EICMA

International Motorcycle Exhibition Eicma 2015 holds some big news for Bimota fans. On Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 9:00am at the Bimota stand inside the Fiera di Milano Rho, Hall. 9, the world will get to see Bimota’s newest creations. These include the Tesi 3D RaceCafeImpeto, and the BB3 Kit. Additionally, Bimota will display other technology it has been developing.

Tesi 3D RaceCafe

If you’re not familiar with the Tesi, take a gander at the Tesi 1D SR John Burns just wrote up few weeks ago. (Coincidence or prescience?) Regardless, a new hub-steered motorcycle is exciting news. When the company is Bimota, it promises to be sexy in more than just a tech-geek manner. The Tesi 3D RC will join the existing Tesi 3D Naked in sporting dual swingarms – one front and one rear. Combining light alloy hubs with the structural carbon fiber tubes, the front swingarm’s trellis will no doubt attract attention. Additionally, Bimota claims that the 3D RC will feature a “revolutionary way to adjust the motorcycle ride height, with millimeter precision using two eccentrics where the front and rear suspensions are joined to the chassis.” This adjustment will allow the front end to be varied over an 9.5mm range while the rear gains 14mm. If both adjustments are made in the same direction, the chassis can be moved through a 23mm range.

Since the Tesi 3D RC has not been unveiled, you’ll just have to settle for a photo of the existing Tesi 3D Naked. Now, get your tongues back in your mouths, your drool will ruin your keyboards.

The Tesi 3D RC will be powered by the Ducati 803cc engine – which might sound surprising until you read the next rest of the press release: “These chassis innovations and state of the art materials…allow Bimota to create a new market segment with Tesi 3D RC. A class where technical and electronic innovations are designed to make the Bimota motorcycles always easier to ride and manage.” A Tesi for hipsters? It’ll probably be too pricey. For new riders? Nah. We think this will be a light-handling Tesi to scythe your way through any pavement configuration you can find.


Perhaps your tastes lean more towards the hyper-naked. Well, Bimota has taken the Ducati Diavel’s engine with all the important electronic goodies (ride-by-wire and traction control) and placed it in the Impeto’s easily-modified chassis for some big time naked fun. If the stock configuration isn’t enough for you, take a look at the “Bimota Experience” accessories list, where you’ll find a composite frame (light alloy plates combined with structural carbon tubes), a composite swingarm (light alloy plates combined with structural carbon tubes), and an Advanced Dashboard constructed of a billet case to house a 3.5 in. TFT color display – all the better to view the information provided by the integrated data recording, GPS and automatic racetrack identification.

For those who believe too much of everything is just enough, the Bimota SuperCharger kit will be worth a serious look. Although Bimota says this kit is for track use only, some well-heeled Bimota enthusiasts will certainly want to take advantage of the claimed 15%–20% increase in power and torque on any tarmac they can find. The supercharger gets its power from a geared drive contained in the clutch cover while the blower is mounted in the L of the Testastretta engine. Bimota believes that this location is ideal for overall weight and balance of the Impeto. The force-fed cylinders will need new engine management that can be accessed through dedicated software contained in the data-logger.

Owners of other Bimota models with liquid-cooled Ducati engines will be happy to know that they will be able to strap on this supercharger kit, too.

BB3 Kit

Back at the company’s roots in the 1970s, Bimotas were able to be built from a kit, and the BB3 Kit marks a return to those heady days. This new kit contains a complete rolling chassis – well, except for the engine and electrics. The BB3 Kit owner will have to stir in their own BMW engine and controls. The BB3 Kit will be available in race/track or street versions, but never fear, both will feature the latest Bimota tech.

Again, we have no photos of the BB3 Kit, but we’d expect it to be somewhat similar to the currently available BB3 shown here.

Tune in on the 17th for more information