Often, inventions are created out of necessity. This was the case for Stefano Mangini. An avid motorcycle rider and traveler, he set out to combine a motorcycle top case that could also be used as a suitcase. The result is the Wheelrider.

Designed for the professional on the run, the Wheelrider attaches to the motorcycle with a special rack, which can also be used to secure other accessories. Once attached, the Wheelrider can be used just like a typical top case. The Wheelrider also features a solar panel with a USB power port inside, allowing the rider to charge a device while riding.

Once at the airport, or wherever your destination may be, the Wheelrider detaches from its base, where you can then extend the handle and roll it along like a suitcase. Meanwhile, you have the option of leaving your helmet on the base and securing it with the cable lock and optional waterproof helmet and seat cover. The Wheelrider is then small enough to be classified as carry-on luggage once you board your flight.

For those times when you’re not traveling and want to use the Wheelrider as a traditional top case, there’s also an optional large top that allows you to fit a full-face helmet inside the Wheelrider.

The interior of the Wheelrider is designed for professionals, with high-grade materials and utility pockets. A padded computer compartment can also be removed for added space. On the outside, the Wheelrider is made with tough polycarbon sheets that can take abuse from baggage handlers at airports. There’s also an FTA combination lock to secure the Wheelrider from unwanted access.

Mangini is still looking for $100,000 in funding to help make the Wheelrider a reality and has turned to Kickstarter for help. At the time of this posting there were already nine backers contributing a total of $2,222 with 43 days still to go. The fundraising effort closes on Friday, December 18 at 6:01 AM PST.

Learn more by watching the video below. If you want to contribute, you can visit the Kickstarter page here.