The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has officially announced a new recall for the Honda Gold Wing‘s continuing problem with rear brake drag. As we previously reported, there have been two previous recalls on Gold Wings dating back to the 2001 model year, all to address the same problem with the rear brakes not properly disengaging after the brake pedal is released.

The new recall affects first-generation GL1800 Gold Wings from 2001-2010, the current Gold Wing (2012-2015) as well as the 2013-2015 Gold Wing F6B. The recall affects 145,219 motorcycles in the U.S. market alone.

Honda originally announced a recall to address the problem in December 2011, affecting 126,000 Gold Wing models in the U.S. The second recall was announced in August 2014 after Honda discovered its original fix did not solve the problem. The 2014 recall was unusual in that it was announced despite Honda not knowing why the problem was still occurring or how to correct it.


Honda continued to investigate the issue, and in March 2015 determined an orifice in the secondary master cylinder was getting blocked by a brake fluid deposit. Honda continued to develop a new countermeasure and on October 9, Honda determined it was ready to proceed with a recall.

According to documents released by NHTSA, the brake fluid deposits may form as a result of prolonged age or failure to follow the maintenance schedule.


Gold Wing owners will receive letters informing them of the problem and the importance of following the recommended maintenance schedule of every 12,000 miles or two years (whichever comes first). Honda dealers will inspect recalled Gold Wings and replace the secondary master cylinders (marked above) and rear master cylinders. The redesigned secondary master cylinder has new internal valving with Dealers will also flush the brake fluid using a new procedure designed to help mitigate the problem.