Following the reception of its supercharged Ninja H2 and H2R, Kawasaki is developing a full lineup of forced induction motorcycles. For its presentation at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki discussed the evolution of its supercharger technology and revealed a sketch of a motorcycle it calls the Concept SC 01, or Spirit Charger.

102815-kawasaki-supercharger-engine-2At a quick glance, we can see both the similarities and the differences between the Spirit Charger and the H2/H2R. Like the H2R, the SC 01 has a red turbine mounted just below where the fuel tank meets the seat. Air is directed to the supercharger through a duct from the air intake. While the H2 and H2R draw in air through the nose, the Spirit Charger’s intake appears to be at the side next to the radiator shroud. The Spirit Charger has the same mini spoiler on its nose like the H2 and H2R but has an overall curvier design than the angular Ninjas. The SC 01 also appears to have a more compact steel trellis frame than the one used on the H2 and H2R.

The Spirit Charger is just one possible direction Kawasaki is considering, but the fact the sketch was shown at all suggests the design is an early front-runner to enter production.

“Firstly the need for machines to possess power and grace, secondly Kawasaki motorcycles should continue to be fun and rewarding to ride and, thirdly, the ongoing reliance on the skills within the entire Kawasaki Group harnessing cutting edge technology to enrich the lives of people worldwide,” says Kenji Tomida, president of Kawasaki’s motorcycle and engineering company.

Kawasaki is also further developing its supercharger technology, presenting what it calls its Balanced Supercharged Engine which is illustrated in the SC 01. The new engine uses an electronically-controlled gate that will manage the volume of air moving through the supercharger. Kawasaki says the new engine retains the sensation of a forced induction engine while improving fuel economy.


As for the H2 and H2R, Kawasaki is bringing both models back for a limited production run for 2016. Both models receive a new Mirror Coated Spark Black color while the Ninja H2 also receives an assist and slipper clutch.

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2

2016 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Kawasaki Balanced Supercharged Engine