Which happens to be the Saturday right after the AMA Flat Track Final on Friday night, November 20. What better excuse to visit Sin City? Superprestigio in Spain was such fun last year when our own Brad Baker showed Marc Marquez how it’s done (before Marquez showed him how it’s done later in the year), legendary promoter Steve McLaughlin decided it would be a great idea to put on a version in the U.S. Last year’s Barcelona events saw a crazy mix of riders going bar to bar; if we’re lucky Las Vegas will turn out the same — the grid is still filling.


Four-time Superbike Champ Josh Hayes is scheduled to partake, along with Flat Track Champions Jared Mees, Brad Baker, Kenny Coolbeth, Jr., Jake Johnson and Bryan Smith. Today, organizers announced eight new riders had earned their entries: Doug Lawrence, Stevie Bonsey, Andrew Luker, Justin Jones, Henry Wiles, Jarod Vanderkooi, Davis Fisher and Jesse Janisch all earned their way into the Superprestigio of the Americas by either winning AMA Pro Grand National Short Tracks or TTs in both the GNC1 and GNC2 classes this season, or in the case of Davis Fisher for winning this year’s AMA Pro GNC2 Championship. Jarod Vanderkooi is in for being 2015 Flat Track Rookie of the Year. Lawrence earned his way in via the 2015 Flat Track Canada Championship.


Spots are still open for additional AMA Pro Grand National riders to qualify and some of those won’t be decided until the night before the event. The two riders who win the GNC1 and GNC2 class in the AMA Pro Flat Track final at the Orleans on Friday night will also gain participation in the Superprestigio of the Americas. Will Marc Marquez show up for another beat-down? Nobody’s saying at this point, but the final MotoGP is November 8.


A 1/10-mile track will be created under the dome of the Orleans Arena with design help from seven-time Grand National Champion Chris Carr, a circuit that will support a maximum grid size of 12 riders in each session as opposed to the standard 18, with riders on GNC2 machinery (Singles). Carr expects it to be like a “fist fight in a phone booth,” with blazing-quick lap times and non-stop action.


More details to come at www.superprestigio.com.