It’s been a busy news day on the Yamaha front as the Tuning Fork company previews some new models for the Tokyo Motor Show. With electric motorcycles, retro beginner bikes, cars, and even autonomous biker robots, what more can Yamaha have in store for Tokyo? How about another leaning three-wheeler?

Yamaha released a teaser image showing another leaning multi-wheeled vehicle based on the Tricity platform. Yamaha has made it clear the Tricity was just the first in a new family of leaning trikes. Earlier this year, Yamaha showed off a couple of concepts called the 03GEN-f and 03GEN-x, and patent filings show Yamaha considered another variant more TMax-inspired styling.

The new teaser shows a sportier-looking model with some R1-inspired styling. Like the Tricity, the new concept model has two wheels at the front with a suspension mechanism allowing it to lean. Unlike the Tricity, however, the new model places the suspension on the outside of the two front wheels instead of on the inside. This may mean the two front wheels are closer together, which may suggest more agile handling than the more pedestrian Tricity.

We’ll have more information when Yamaha releases further details at the Tokyo Motor show at the end of the month.

[Source: Yamaha