Victory announced it will premiere a brand new motorcycle at EICMA on Nov. 16. A motorcycle manufacturer debuting a new model at the Milan show isn’t typically surprising, but we can’t remember the last time, if at all, that Victory revealed a new model in Europe first instead of the U.S.

A “save the date” email sent out by Victory reads: “Victory Motorcycles has been showcasing American Muscle throughout its product line and in racing. Our pathway to the latest evolution of the brand will be revealed to the media in Hall 13.”

The email also included the image shown at top of this post. The picture appears to be of the engine used in Victory’s Project 156 prototype that raced at Pikes Peak. In fact, you can even see the disconnected coupler on the right just like in one of the Project 156 images released back in June (see below). The powerplant is liquid-cooled V-Twin engine based on the one used in the Indian Scout.


The new model will be part of Victory’s new performance-focused direction which Kevin Duke wrote about in an editorial in August.

Looking through Polaris’ trademark filings, the name Octane, first filed with the USPTO in September 2012, stands out as a likely name for a new performance-focused Victory model. We’ll find out more in the weeks ahead leading up to the 2015 EICMA show.

[Source: Victory]