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  • shoeiMARQUEZ DIGI ANT TC-5 (race replica) – This matte finish has a smooth sleek look to it and very busy design surely to be appreciated by many race fans. Marc first debuted this graphic at the 2015 Aragon Moto GP practice sessions. MSRP $626.99
  • VESSEL TC-1 – Another sleek matte finish this design that resembles an interstellar spacecraft. It is also finished off with vibrant accents to really make this one stand out. MSRP $589.99
  • VALKYRIE TC-2, TC-4, TC-5, TC-10 – Fast and sporty looking, this graphic is offered in a gloss finish and has a high metallic flake to it when exposed to the sunshine. It’s offered in four color-ways to match anyone’s taste. MSRP $589.99
  • SEDUCTION TC-5, TC-7 – Two color-ways where one finish is matte and the other is gloss with pink accents. This edgy design features a leather and lace look. MSRP $589.99
  • DIABOLIC TC-5 – Back by popular demand one of our most popular graphics in our infamous RF model line. Complete with the original hologram skull on the back. MSRP $589.99
  • TERMINUS TC-6 – This design was introduced in 2014 year as a matte black and gold option (TC-9) but this very different white option comes in a high gloss finish and has a weathered rustic look to it. MSRP $589.99


  • QWEST_WANDERLUST_TC-1topWANDERLUST TC-1, TC-11 – This classic pin strip design features two-tone accents and a sleek matte finish. Offered in two color-ways as well. MSRP $492.99
  • SERENITY TC-9, TC-10 – Offered in two very different color-ways, this design features some subdued floral accents. The black option comes in a sleek matte finish with gold accents where as the white option is gloss and has bright teal accents. MSRP $492.99


  • IMMINENT TC-3, TC-5 – The latest graphic for our sport touring modular model, this design features a contemporary style. Offered in two color-ways, the TC-3 option has florescent yellow accents. MSRP $752.99


  • VFX-W_CAPACITOR_TC-2topCAPACITOR TC-2, TC-3 – Offered in two-color-ways this sporty graphic has some florescent accents and high metallic flake that is sure to turn some heads. Both options are high gloss finishes. MSRP $613.99
  • TURMOIL TC-1, TC-2, & TC-8 – has a very aggressive unique theme. This one comes in the high gloss finish and also in three different color ways to appeal to a wide variety of riders. MSRP $613.99


  • V-440 VISOR & CJ-2SP SHIELD (new option part) – This new optional shield provides convenient sunshade relief for the already versatile J-Cruise helmet line. Only offered in white or black, these option parts are purchased individually. V-440 Visor MSRP $TBD, CJ-2SP Shield MSRP $TBD


  • DAUNTLESS TC-1, TC-10, TC-11 – This modern graphic will be offered in a high gloss finish and comes in three different color-ways. MSRP $670.99
  • EXPANSE TC-1, TC-6, TC-10 – This high gloss finish features sharp edges for a fast looking and very unique design. Offered in three different color-ways. MSRP $670.99


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