BMW introduced a new concept model, offering a preview of its upcoming entry-level motorcycle. Premiering at Sao Paolo, Brazil, the BMW Concept Stunt G310 is the product of a collaboration with India-based TVS Motors, and the first look at a series of beginner models displacing around 300cc. BMW enlisted Chris Pfeiffer to demonstrate the concept’s stunting bonafides.

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“Stunt riding is a demanding and multi-faceted sport,” says Pfeiffer. “Ideally you need a compact, agile bike which is also stable and robust at the same time. You have to achieve the ideal balance between aggressiveness and control.”

We’ve already gotten a look at a prototype undergoing testing early this year. The G310 concept looks very similar to the prototype, using the same five-spoke wheels, sculpted fuel tank shape and radiator shrouds. As a stuntbike, the concept lacks a headlight, and we expect the production model’s light will look similar to the prototype’s.


The spy photos did not offer a clear shot of the engine and now we know what was hidden: a single-cylinder engine with a reversed cylinder head, positioning the intake straight ahead and the exhaust toward the rear. Similar to what Yamaha did with its YZs, the reverse cylinder head is inclined rearward. The engine is positioned further forward in the frame, allowing for a longer swingarm while reducing the wheelbase.


The reverse cylinder head also allowed BMW to position the silencer vertically, in front of the rear shock and exiting under the swingarm. This exhaust placement is good for a stunter’s standpoint as it tucks it out of the way. The production model will likely adopt a more traditional exhaust setup.

The silencer isn’t the only adaptation to make the concept stunt-worthy. Pfeiffer and the BMW design team added axle pegs, crash bars, a lockable throttle, an altered gear ratio, oversized rear brake and a rear brake hand lever placed alongside the clutch lever. The tail was also specifically designed for stunting, milled from solid aluminum with an opening providing an extra foothold. None of these features will make it into a production model.

The stunt concept will be a prelude to a G310 roadster, which we hope will debut next month at EICMA. BMW may also introduce a faired sportbike variant as well as an ADV-style version using the same platform.

[Source: BMW]