S1000RR owners will soon have access to BMW‘s ABS Pro technology which allows the antilock braking system to kick in even when cornering. First introduced in the HP4, ABS Pro will be available as a retrofit option for S1000RR models from 2012-2014 as of this October. Owners of the 2015 model (and those waiting for 2016 models) will have to wait a bit longer as BMW works on integrating ABS Pro to the updated S1000RR.

Whereas typical motorcycle ABS works when traveling in a straight line, ABS Pro works when a bike is leaned over, preventing the wheels from locking up during cornering. Beyond the HP4, ABS Pro is offered for the S1000XR, and 2016 editions of the R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure as retrofit or factory options and the 2016 K1600GT, K1600GTL and K1600GTL Exclusive as standard equipment. On the other models, ABS Pro offers Rain and Sport modes but on the S1000RR, it will also offer a Race mode that is tuned for higher slip threshold and brake pressure gradient.

North American pricing remains to be announced, but in Germany, the ABS Pro retrofit will be priced from €420-460 (US$473-518).

[Source: BMW]