August 19, 2015
| On 5 years ago

New Synch Dry Bags, From AltRider

AltRider’s latest luggage kit, the Synch Dry Bags are a culmination of 15 years off-road camping experience, says AltRider.

Each bag has a fully tape-seam sealed, D-shaped body construction made of 18oz vinyl coated fabric (“Truckers Tarp”). The SYNCH bags are designed to be 100% dust and waterproof, engineered to withstand the most extreme temperatures and wet weather over hundreds and thousands of miles of trails and roads.

The Synch bags were designed with accessibility and flexibility in mind. As such, each bag features daisy chains for easy lashing of camping gear like bed rolls and tents. There are four anchor points with high strength nylon D- rings for strapping the bags to the bike and for connecting bags to each other. All of the anchor patches are made from a military grade, waterproof and chemical resistant neoprene.

Designed for quick entry, the side openings allow access to either of the bags two openings without having to release the tie-down straps. This holds true when the bags are stacked on each other as well.

Each dry bag includes tie-downs, and the 25 and 38 liter include stacking straps. One end of the tie- down features a soft-loop style closure, perfect for attaching to crash-bars, trellis frames, luggage racks and other great tie-down points. The other end is a heavy duty, steel wire-gated military grade nylon snap-hook for securing to the bags.

The modular luggage system is best described with pictures, so see the captions below to learn more about the Synch bags. Captions provided by AltRider. Visit for more information.

The heart of the system is the ability to stack bags quickly and easily – all while only needing to only attach one bag to the bike per stack.more
Access the small or medium bag contents even when mounted.more
Each bag comes with all of the straps you need to attach the bags in unlimited ways. No luggage rack is necessary but it does not hurt.more
Each hook, strap, and mount point is well thought out and organized.more
Included mount straps can quickly act as a shoulder strap, no extra cost, and nothing extra to order. You can even carry stacked bags.more
Each small and medium bag comes equipped with grab handles which are perfect for moving your panniers around.more
They will, keep your ice inside and beers cold. Beer not included!more
Offering 100% dry bags in three sizes, 14L, 25L, and 38L.more