August 18, 2015
| On 8 years ago

Motorcyclist Struck By Lightning, Crashes, Survives

On Friday, August 14, 2015, Eugene Villines of Greeley, Colorado was heading home from work as a Colorado Army National Guard member. He was aboard his motorcycle when he was suddenly struck by lightning. The strike appears to have momentarily paralyzed him, causing Villines to crash. Miraculously, he survived the incident and he thanks his helmet for saving his life.

Villines says he wasn’t riding in the middle of a storm, and only recalls dark clouds up above during his commute. He doesn’t remember being struck by lightning.

“I feel pretty good,” Villines told ABC News today, speaking from the hospital where he is being treated. His injuries include bruised ribs and punctured lungs.

Despite riding during rush hour traffic, no other vehicles struck Villines after his fall. In fact, bystanders, including a nurse, quickly came to his aid while the proper authorities were being contacted. The family has stated it would like to gather those who helped Villines, including the nurse, whose name is Margaret. As yet, the family has not been able to contact her.

As for Eugene Villines’ riding future, it’s too soon to tell. He simply wants to recover first before deciding whether or not to give up motorcycles.

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