Bob Burnquist, the legendary skateboarder and most successful X-Games athlete to date, has joined the Zero Motorcycles family, taking into his possession both a Zero DS and Zero FX. Burnquist will now also serve as brand ambassador for Zero. Below is the full press release from Zero.

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that Bob Burnquist has joined the extended family of Zero riders and is now an ambassador for the brand. Burnquist is the most winning X Games athlete in the contest’s history and a globally recognized action sports icon.

“I’ve always been fascinated by motorcycles, so I’m stoked to get rolling with Zero,” said Burnquist. “What they stand for is completely in line with my love of adrenaline and passion for innovation and clean technology.”

Burnquist chose two distinct Zero motorcycles: the extremely versatile Zero DS dual sport and the wickedly playful Zero FX stealthfighter. “I’m fortunate to have both bikes available, as I enjoy all kinds of riding,” he said.

“Bob’s a personal hero to many at Zero. Working with an athlete of his caliber is a huge honor,” said Scot Harden, VP of Global Marketing at Zero.

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